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 ITIL v3 Foundation

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Nexus Academy


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Are you from Business managers, customers and end-users involved in building good relationships with their IT service providers?
Are you own any organization depends on IT Services?

If that’s the case, you must consider the ITIL v3 Foundation from nexus academy.


Course Objectives
ITIL delivers tried and tested processes that ensure predictable, repeatable and reliable outcomes in IT, ensuring the delivery of value to the business. Benefits include:
• Improved use of IT investments
• Integration of business and IT value
• Portfolio driven service assets
• Clear demonstration of ROI
• Agile adaptation and flexible service models
• Performance and measures that are business value based
• IT Service Assets linked to business services.
I hope that these reasons will motivate and encourage you to go for the ITIL v3 Foundation

You can get discount
- 20% if you pay two months prior to the starting date of the course
- 10% if you pay one month prior to the starting date of the course
- 5% if you pay 15 days prior to the starting date of the course
In case you have seven registrants, we may arrange for a special class for you.
In case you have four registrants, you can get an extra seat free

Course Date:07-03-2015
Course Place: Online
Course duration: 3-day Course Brochure

Visit our website: www.nexusacademy.com

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If you are interested please register at :


For more information & registration
(+2) 22664075
+966 50 648 4084
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ITIL v3 Foundation
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